Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pass Along Cards

This month has been quite hectic for our family. Mason came down with a nasty stomach virus the first week of February. It hit him really hard and we actually ended up having to take him to the ER for IV fluids the first day because he just couldn't keep anything down. It lasted five days total for him and then about two days after he had fully recovered, Shane came down with it. He also had to go to the ER for IV fluids. That was the nastiest stomach virus I have EVER encountered!! I'm still now sure how, but thankfully I never fell victim to it. We spent last week just trying to get back into our routines, so we haven't had much time to concentrate on our search for Mason's future sibling. Now that things have gotten back to normal, it's full steam ahead!!

During our last visit with our social worker in October, she told me to call her if we hadn't found an expectant mother in six months time. She works with several smaller adoption agencies and she is going to give us a list of about half a dozen or so to contact. These smaller agencies utilize her to conduct their home studies so they will accept the one that she conducted for us. Next month marks six months so I will be giving her a call soon. We've been talking recently about having Pass Along cards made so I think we will try that first before we contact her.

Pass Along cards are essentially business cards for hopeful adoptive couples. We'll have to decide on the best picture to represent our family and include our contact info. I haven't decided yet whether to include our Facebook page or this blog address. I plan to give them to family and friends and post them to bulletin boards. If by chance we go out to eat, I figure I can leave one with the check as well. Hopefully the Pass Along cards will help us spread the word.

Mason is more than ready to meet his sibling, although he does keep asking specifically for a baby brother :) We saw a baby boy when we were out and about this weekend and Mason's face lit up. Later that day while we were snuggling, he mentioned wanting a baby brother. I asked him if he was going to be okay with having to share me with a baby brother and he immediately responded with, "Yeah!" I then asked if he was going to share his toys with his baby brother and got the same enthusiastic response. When I asked if it would be okay if he got a baby sister instead of a baby brother, he took a few seconds to respond but it was still a "Yeah!" He's been asking for a baby brother for so long now that I don't think it occurred to him that he could end up with a baby sister instead :) Either way, I know he's going to be an AWESOME big brother.

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