Sunday, August 25, 2013

Taking it One Day at a Time

Things have been super hectic for the past several months which is why I've neglected the blog.  We had a possible baby-born situation pop up mid-June.  A friend who is also trying to adopt had been matched with an expectant mother towards the end of May.  About a week after being matched though she and her husband were told by their attorney that it was a scam. The expectant mother had never been pregnant but had purchased medical records and an ultrasound online.  They were pretty shook up but thankfully they had another expectant mother who had been interested in matching with them as well.  They matched with her and were anxiously awaiting the delivery of their precious little one.

A week before that baby was scheduled to be delivered, they were contacted by the first expectant mother. She had in fact been pregnant after all and had delivered a few days earlier. She wanted to know if they were still interested in adopting the baby. Since they couldn't afford to adopt both, my friend asked if we were interested.  Of course we were!! I sent her a link to our online profile and she forwarded it to the birth mother.  As it turned out, she still really wanted my friend and her husband to be the parents of her little one and since they weren't available, she decided to parent herself.    

That was the closest we'd gotten so far and to still end up empty handed was kind of a tough pill to swallow. We had signed on with an adoption consultant at the end of May though so we just picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves off and jumped back in feet first.  We had a few situations pop up with our consultant over the next few weeks, one of which we asked her to submit our profile for but nothing came of that either. Things were pretty quiet until the second week in August.  Our consultant sent us info on a specific expectant mother that she thought we might be interested in.  We prayed about it for a day but it just didn't seem like the right fit.  We let her know that night and the next afternoon she sent us info on another expectant mother and told us if we were interested to submit our profile.  We did so and were contacted by the agency that the expectant mother had signed on with.  We tried to speak with the expectant mother several times over the next few days but it just never worked out.  The agency had several other situations that they thought we might be interested in, one in particular that was such a perfect fit that it seemed like it was too good to be true.

This particular expectant mother was looking for a couple in their 30s who could financially provide for her child.  She enjoyed scrapbooking and wanted to pursue a bachelor's degree in Education.  She couldn't have been a more perfect fit for our family!!!  Over the course of the next several days we tried to officially match with this expectant mother but it just wasn't in the cards.  After doing some research and getting mixed messages about fees and such as we were communicating with the agency, we just didn't feel like things were being handled ethically.  As painful as it was to walk away, we had no choice.  

We were pretty devastated by the last situation not working out and the last few weeks have been pretty rough.  We even considered calling it quits a few times.  We feel in our hearts though that we are meant to add one more precious little one to our family, so we're going to stay the course.  We have begun researching a few different agencies and attorneys that have been highly recommended on several adoption forums that I frequent.  We are strongly considering signing on with one of the agencies but we want to do a bit more research first. We don't want any surprises like we had with the last agency!!  

In less than a week, on 31 August, we will have been on this journey for exactly one year.  We sincerely hope and pray that we are getting closer to finding our precious little miracle!!! Until then, we will simply take things one day at a time.

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